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Who I am.


My name is Jorge and I’m a graphic designer.

I live wherever my computer is (usually in Granada, Spain).

I like to do woodwork and bricolage in my spare time.

For a little while now, I am the proud partner of two cute green cheek conures.


My graphic design adventure started by chance, a decade ago. I entered in a logo contest for the student association of my school, just for fun, and my proposal was selected as the winner.

I enjoyed the experience and, since then, I just I haven’t stopped training and designing. I pause movies when a font I like comes along and draw in the air when pen and paper aren’t available.



With projects. I approach new projects as my own, I get involved and take the initiative to suggest ideas and improvements.

With relationships. I like to establish long-term professional relationships, so I try to put something of myself into all the processes.


With me. I don’t accept projects I can’t handle.

With you. I’m honest about what I think that is appropriate for your project, whether that means agreeing with you or suggesting different options.


With the process. Creativity is best appreciated if it is accompanied by a clear presentation and sequence.

With the products. Creativity combined with reflection generates ordered and polished results.


Graphic design is a very broad discipline that encompasses countless areas. I am passionate about logo design and brand identity, so I have made it my specialization.

From them, I design related products such as brand guides, business cards, letterheads, web design, icons, brochures, images for social media, slideshows, posters, illustrations…

If you want to see my work, you can take a look at my portfolio.


  • It allows me to meet companies and freelancers from the five continents and thus to develop my ability to adjust to the specific needs of your project.

  • To know what your brand thinks, wants and needs helps me to choose the paths that best lead us to achieve your goal and guarantees success.

  • Some projects need speed and efficiency; others meditation, exploration and calm. I am aware of that and adapt my work to your circumstances.

  • My training and professional development go hand in hand. I design and work with real companies and people on real cases every day.


Throughout my years of experience, I have refined my working method by focusing on the human touch, in addition to providing the oink! guarantees in all my projects.

So I always try to make you feel that you are talking to a person who is listening to you behind the screen and who is capable of attending to your specific needs.

1. Get in touch

Hi! You’ve just contacted me and tell me what you need. I ask you about your expectations, your inspiration, your models.

We have conversations that allow us to understand what you expect from me and what I will provide you.

All information is useful, so you can raise all your doubts and aspirations.

2. Agreements

Once the necessary services and objectives have been defined, we agree on deadlines, revisions, number of proposals… This phase is where the particularities of each project are normally defined, to ensure that it is comfortable and effective for everyone.

3. Progress

This is the longest phase and where the creative part is focussed. Usually, it is the most fun and satisfying phase, too. I present my first proposals and you offer feedback. We outline the design until we achieve the perfect result that fits the needs, personality and audience of your brand.

4. Conclusion

We reached the perfect design! I deliver you the final files, in the formats you will need (and more). We sign an agreement whereby I transfer all rights of the design to you. It is time to evaluate the satisfaction with the whole process and to say goodbye (for a short time) until the next project!

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